Let our staff of professional estheticians show you how easy and fast hair removal can be! More than ever, men are now turning to waxing for hair removal instead of shaving. With this change in grooming choices, Kings & Queens offers male waxing treatments for the face and body.

Our services aim to elevate men’s grooming standards in a comfortable and professional setting while educating on the best ways to maintain healthy skin. No matter how stubborn or coarse your hair is or how long you have been shaving, it is never too late to try waxing and get the smoothest skin possible!

Why Us?

Kings & Queens One-Stop Waxing Solution is all about MEN and WOMEN, that is why this is in our name!

We are one of the professional waxing salons in Singapore. Get to enjoy services like KPL hair-reduction, body waxing services and skin care treatments. With our passion in the Esthetics field, we desire to provide the best service possible to every client, and the willingness to make them feel at home, this is what makes so many faithful and loyal clients keep coming back to K&Q. From our personal experiences, we believe that when you look better, you feel better. When you feel better your self-esteem goes through the roof and you feel like you can take on the world! If we are capable of helping someone feel that way about themselves then we are all for it!

We have to say the best part is our clients! We got to meet so many clients from all over the world who honestly we might have never met if we were not in this industry. We are lucky to say that we have been given a great opportunity to create long lasting relationships with lots of amazing people.

What to Expect

Your first wax is always the most painful experience. You can expect to be tender for UP TO 48 hours after the first wax (not the case for everyone). Do not worry! Maintenance is so much easier!

Everyone’s skin is different, therefore you may have a different experience than your friend who came to see us. The most sensitive skin types may experience redness and raised skin, this is normal. People with very coarse hair may experience Folliculitis, this is NOT life threatening and will clear up within a few days. Most people who experience Folliculitis will not get it again after their second wax. Gentle exfoliation will help clear Folliculitis sooner.

For easy maintenance, we recommend to wax every 4-6 weeks. Time frames vary from person to person, for hair growth rates are different for each individual.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow! Our professional estheticians will be sure to take care of your before and after care needs.