Ingrown Triple Action

An after-care waxing soothing lotion that has 3 unique uses.
1. Prevents ingrown hair
2. Slows down and softens future hair growth
3. Thinner hair regrowth with moisturizing properties
Future waxing sessions will become much easier and more comfortable. Suitable for regular use.

Tea Tree Oil

Specially formulated for after-care waxing, this calming and soothing oil protects the skin against
bacteria and helps prevent ingrown hairs. Excellent moisturizer that rehydrates the skin. Can be
applied on all parts of the body.

Ingrown Cream

Not suitable for pregnant women.

A very effective and super-concentrated cream that targets razor rash, skin blemishes and pimples.
Helps reduce inflammation and swelling of the hair follicles. Leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.
Also prevents and treats ingrown hairs.

Hot Salt Body Scrub

An exfoliating body scrub consisting of a blend of sea salts aids in removing dry, dead skin that will
leave your skin feeling enriched, stimulated and absolutely glowing.