Express Basic Clean-up
Feel rejuvenated and refreshed with in less than 40mins. No extractions.

Super Photo Facial
Improve the tone of your skin texture. Lightens pigmentation. Pore Refinement. Pimples/Acne reduction. Smoother skin. Not suitable for darker skin tone and hypersensitive skin. No extractions.

Bojin Lifting Detox Facial
Restore glow to dull skin. Lifts sagging skin. Improve blood circulation. Increase skin elasticity and firming. Not suitable for acne skin. With extractions.

Skin Renewing Refreshing (Fruit Acid)
Suitable for large-pored, rough, oily, and impure skin. Enhanced skin profile. Exfoliative.

Smooth skin. Deep intensive cleansing. Includes special added ampoule.

LED Light Therapy

4 primary colours – Red, Blue, Green, Yellow each with its own functions and benefits. (display chart below).
Used for skin care treatments.

RED light

Wavelength: 640nm
Skin Penetration depth: 1-6mm

  • Promotion of skin cell regeneration
  • Promotion of blood circulation.
  • Pain relief
  • Activation of active ingredients.

BLUE light

Wavelength: 423nm
Skin Penetration depth: 1mm

  • Destruction of acne bacteria
  • Inhibition of sebaceous glands
  • Prevention of wound infection
  • Relief of skin breakouts.

GREEN light

Wavelength: 532nm
Skin Penetration depth: 0.5-2MM

  • Soothing
  • Improvement of sensitive skin
  • Mind and body rest

YELLOW light

Wavelength: 583nm
Skin Penetration depth: 1-2mm

  • Relief of redness
  • Relief of erythema
  • Relief of herpes zoster in early stage
Anti-Dark Spot Brightening Treatment
Targets dark spots, pigmentation, and uniforms skin tone. Protects and regenerates the skin. Hydrated with instant glow. Reduces hyperpigmentation. Includes special added ampoule. With Extractions.

Youth Treatment with Collagen Fleece Mask
Suitable for wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin. Anti-aging. Firming. Tightening. Promotes cell renewal. Intense moisturization and nourishment. Lightens wrinkles and compacts skin. More turgid, radiant, and smooth skin. Inhibits collagen and elastin breakdown. Includes special added ampoule. With Extractions.